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Make-Up Tips For Women Over 40

Women go through a level of maturity and growth with their make-up application strategies over the years. We start off applying a little lip gloss as tweens and then learn how to apply a … [More Beauty...]



What People Say About Us

  • Shanyn Wilson

    Michele, it has been four years since I first spoke to you. When we met, I came to discuss hormones after a hysterectomy. I was frustrated by the lack of interest and concern my gynecologist displayed. Still in my 30’s, I was unable to sleep and was experiencing heart palpitations.
  • Sunni Almond
    Studio S Pilates

    I can’t say enough positive things about Michele Broad; she has been my personal physician for many years. I have sent friends and family members to her because I trust her opinion. She is on top of all the latest research, would much rather help you to achieve optimum wellness through healthy nutrition.