Discover How To Have Endless Energy As a Working Woman, So That You Can Tackle Anything That Is Thrown At you...Without Burning Out In The Process

What's In It For You:

The bonus smoothie guide is everything it says it is: sweet & spice and everything nice. Delicious, superfood smoothie recipes with some fruity twists along the way – it'll become your favorite way to start your day! Here's what's inside the guide provided to you on day one of the challenge:

 Superfood Smoothies – A Great Way to Get Healthier

 What Health Benefits They Offer You? More energy:)

 Top 5 Ingredients to Use in Your Superfood Smoothie

 5 Tips to Create Healthy Superfood Smoothies The right way

 Top 5 Superfood Smoothie Recipes to Try for Yourself

Next Is the 3 day endless energy challenge happening inside a private facebook group.

The challenge will take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 11th-13th at 9 am PST.

All trainings will be live with a replay available for those who can't attend live.

The trainings will be led by Certified Women's Health & Adult Nurse Practitioner, Michele Broad

Day One You'll learn About:

  • Being your #1 self-care advocate for more energy
  • Supplements to take for more energy
  • Foods to eat for more energy
  • Why hydration is important to have more energy and vitality

Day Two You'll Learn How:

• Exercise and Sleep play a role in you having endless energy

And We Wrap Up Day Three With:

• Structuring Your Day for Optimal Energy

• Goal Setting for endless energy

I can't wait to see you inside the challenge and help you optimize your energy!!!!