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JoAnne Funch

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What does your healthy routine look like now that you are seasoned professional with over 40 years under your belt?

My healthy routine is more food focused.  I am more acutely aware of the quality of food I eat because I am just more educated and pay attention both from your website and other experts. So healthy represents eating organic, healthy fats, less processed foods of any kind and staying up on our food supply and what I can do to have better nutrition in my life.

What is your favorite past time?

My favorite past time is entertaining. I love to have people over and break bread together – meaningful conversations can often happen at the table. Besides  love to cook – am always trying new recipes.

How does your health allow you lifestyle that you live-include about what you do for a living and how your health allows you to do this and other things in your life?

As I have just entered my 6th decade of life, I am more present to health and knowing I want my body to support my lifestyle and all the things I still want to do. As a business owner you need a  lot of energy, not only physical but mental and quite frankly I don’t see myself quitting work anytime soon. I want to be the woman who is vibrant, sexy and having fun well into my 90’s so I need to take care of myself in order to do that.