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5 key reasons to to take care of yourself

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We’ve all been there, right? And well maybe some of us are there right now. You know, thinking that we can burn the candles at both ends for any length of time without it having ill effects on our health. The bad news y’all is that we can’t.

At some point, the constant hustle of your daily grind that you thought was oh so productive can very well lead you to exhaustion.

If this is you then I want you to give me a virtual that’s me and if not then I want to give you a virtual . Me you ask? I’d be the one raising my hand high over my head yelling that’s me, that’s me. Last year the exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks. I had reached a point where I had no idea of who I was anymore, what I wanted, or how I ended up like this. Well that isn’t exactly the whole truth because I did know how I got here. You see I have been taking care of people for 26 years, my patients in my practice, my kids, my husband, my mom, friends and the list goes on. What I was quickly realizing was that I wasn’t on that list. Don’t get me wrong I take great care of my body but my heart was a different story. I had been so busy pouring into others that I didn’t pour into myself and my heart was plum tuckered out.

Maybe my story is your story and if it is I want you to know that you have options for digging yourself out of it or maybe you’re just starting out in this thing called life and in that case I don’t want you to every find yourself in this position. The best way to manage either of these situations is by taking better care of you in the first place.

I spent a lot of time last year talking to women in my practice, on and off line about this very subject of burnout and found it shocking how many women are suffering in silence because we don’t practice self-care, which can impact every aspect of our lives.

Self-care is simply honoring your total self-mind, body, and spirit.

Ladies, when we start to focus on ourselves in all areas of our lives everything starts to change for the better and fall into the right order.

Today I want to dialogue with you about:

5 Key Reasons You Need To Take Care of Yourself

  1. Love your body & she’ll love you back

I find that most women are more likely to treat their bodies badly in a bid to get them into better shape, but how is depriving yourself going to help in the long run and it is the long run that we need to be looking at. Ladies, I want you to treat your body with love and respect. Eat food that will nourish her and exercise to keep her fit and in shape. Start noticing all the ways your body is spectacular and she will give back and make you feel like the beautiful, wonderfully made women that you were created to be. Practicing self-care is loving yourself and is not selfish.

  1. Taking care of you is like caring for someone else

Talk to any pregnant woman and she will tell you that by taking care of herself she is doing the best for her unborn child as well. Ladies, when you invest in your self-care, you are ensuring that you have the energy, love, and time to give to everyone around you, too.

  1. Your light shines

When you invest in your self-care, you are giving yourself the opportunity to let your light shine far and wide, and in doing that you are also empowering others to do the same. Your energy can be an inspiration to those around you. Of, course, there’s also the old adage about beauty coming from within and failure to practice your own self-care is likely to dampen your inner glow.

  1. You can’t do everything at once

I’m here to tell you can have it all and do it all, but that doesn’t mean that you can have it all and do everything all at once. We don’t need to succumb to the everyday pressures of society to juggle a successful career, marriage, children, home, friends, and everything else that comes our way. I want you to feel like superwomen in your body, mind, and spirit but not in the sense of feeling like superwomen in thinking that you have to do it all at once to be on top. Trying to be everything to everyone leads to burnout and we don’t want that.

  1. Energy Debt

I want you to start thinking of your energy account being like your fuel tank and your bank account, because when you start to think about it like those two things it becomes easier to understand just how bad it can be to drain either of them.

If you see the big red E on your gas tank and you keep going you risk running out of gas and being stranded who knows where.

In the same manner when it comes to your bank account you don’t want to spend more than what you have because if you do, you pay a fee for overextending yourself. If you open a credit card and max it out and can’t pay it back you risk ruining your credit.

So I want you to see your body as your credible lender and if you continue drawing to much out of it, it will give up on you.

Our tag line here at well women network is that your health is your greatest wealth asset so wear it wisely. Ladies, you need your health to maintain all of the life activities that you want to do, so take the time right now no matter where you are on your health journey to implement and start a self-care plan instead of either burning out or risking burnout.

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Here’s to your health being your greatest wealth asset.