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Self Care and Core Values

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The spring is a season to cultivate new behaviors and plant seeds for personal growth. Part of “planting seeds for personal growth” is understanding what drives us, while taking care of ourselves in the process.

Many of us struggle with the overwhelming obligations of school, kids, work and all the sports and functions that come with the season. Many times, I’m asked to coach clients how to balance all of it! It’s not easy, but here’s what I say: Don’t just pay lip service to taking care of yourself and the idea of a “work/life balance”.

There is no such thing as “work/life” balance – it’s just LIFE! You need to make an effort to create balance in your life and integrate work, taking care of your responsibilities, family time, social time and self-care.

Make it a priority. Here are a few tips to get you started on SELF-CARE”

Self-Care Skills  (Source: Fredda Wasserman, MA, LMFT, CT)

  • Spend time each day calming your mind…meditate, pray or in reflective silence
  • Express your feelings to others and let them know what you treasure about them
  • Laugh, express joy, and have fun
  • Fill your body with good nutrition, exercise and rest
  • Create a home and work environment filled with comfort, beauty and serenity
  • Allow others to give to you
  • Remember to balance work and leisure activities
  • Experience the present moment as a gift…isn’t that why they call it the present?

Don’t let your busy calendar own you! Make yourself a priority. If you don’t take care of yourself in every aspect of your life, you won’t be able to take care of anybody else!
Identify your core values and be certain to follow your values in all you do. What do you value most? Love, honesty, time with Family, independence, stability, faith, knowledge, success, power, or achievement? These are just a few of the core values that can be identified.

When you know what you value most, you will begin to follow your values and grow in your personal life. For example, if your most important value is good health, then every decision you make should be an answer to the question, “how will this value my health”?

If your most important core value is success, then the choices you make should address the question, “How will this help me be successful”?

Take a moment to identify what is most important to you, and start focusing your efforts for personal growth in that direction. Self-Care will help you enjoy life, and assist you with identifying what is most important to you.

Spring into action with Self-Care and Core Values!

Kelly Orchard

Kelly Orchard, M.A. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

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