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Skin Radiant Omelet

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skin-radiant-omeletPrep and cook time 15 minutes

2-3 eggs depending on how hungry you are- if you want to be heart healthy make it only from egg whites or 1 yolk
and 2-3 egg whites (Vit D and Vit A source)
a handful of mushrooms,  I love baby portabella’s (Vit D source)
a handful of spinach (Vit A and Vit K source)
a spoonful of Ricotta cheese with pinch of garlic added (Vit D source)
a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds (Zinc source)
prunes/and or papaya (Vit K and Vit A source)
Scramble eggs or egg whites with a dash of milk or water in a bowl
in a separate bowl chop up mushrooms and spinach leaves(washed of course)
in a separate bowl add a spoonful or two of Ricotta cheese with some garlic.

pour eggs or egg whites into omelet pan and let cook until most of the liquid is gone
add the mushroom and spinach and the Ricotta cheese mixture
fold over egg to form omelet
put onto dish and garnish with the roasted pumpkin seeds
add a side of prunes or papaya to complete the meal


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