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1. Top Tips For Women To Avoid Flu This Winter

When winter comes, so do other things. Some of them we like: snowboarding, making snowmen, drinking hot chocolate, warm fires in the evening. But there is also the chance of other things that are not so much fun: colds and flu.

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2. 10 Habits that Promote Health & Hapiness

Health and happiness go hand in hand. Sometimes as busy business women we get stuck in a rut and find the happiness bug disappearing for whatever reason. You don’t need to feel as though you are stuck in a rut or helpless to make the decisions that you really want. Yes, you can promote health and happiness by practicing some new habits. Here are 10 of them to get you started. 

3. Morning Makeover in 6 Easy Steps

As a busy business woman having a morning routine is your most important step in your self-care routine. Grab these 6 simple steps on how to get yours going or freshened up.

4. Stress-Busting Tips

Stress is an evitable part of everyone’s lives, in varying forms and amounts. We all have to learn stress management techniques to effectively cope with many situations in life, although this is sometimes harder than we think. Stress management is the techniques we use to address the stress in our lives, and with the overall aim of improving our lives.

5. Self-care planning system

Strategies to put the most important business asset you have back on your front burner “Your Self-Care
Optimize your health, to be able to fully show up for your business with these simple but “powerful” tips

6. Setting A Theme For The New Year Workbook

Now, it’s time to dig deep and learn more about yourself. Try to find a quiet place so you can spend some time reflecting on the questions. Share your honest thoughts here – there’s no judgement or right answer. You are free to journal, brainstorm and doodle in this space. This freebie goes with out podcast episode #41 and episode #43 so you may want to go listen to those as well

7. 10 Herbs That Improve Digestion

Luckily, nature gifted us many effective remedies to successfully combat digestive issueswhether it be relating to poor absorption, reflux disease or constipation- there is something for everyone. Here are 10 herbs that you can use to help you improve your digestion. Always check with your medical provider or a nutritionist to make sure that these herbs are compatible with any medication that you may be taking.4

8. Energy Boosting Smoothies 

Smoothies are a great thing to enjoy for breakfast or as meal replacements during the holidays since you can make them ahead of time, go shopping with them in your hand, and they are super nutritious. Here are some healthy holiday smoothies to try out.

9. Five Matcha Flavor Combos Recipe

If you like green tea then you may have heard all the rage about Matcha Green Tea and here are 5 Matcha Green Tea combo flavors to try.

10. Guide for Digital Eye Strain

The good news is that digital eye strain can not only be prevented but treated. This is not usually a chronic condition, so with just a few tweaks in your office and some lifestyle changes while you work or browse the web, you will be feeling much better.

11. Guide for High Heel Foot Care Solutions

Effects of high heels on our body and their solutions. 

12. Natural Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

Sometimes referred to as bladder infection, urinary tract infections are a condition characterized by the frequent urge to urinate, and a painful, burning sensation during and after urinating.