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“In my 25 years as a medical provider, I have found that business women struggle with 3 main health issues: hormones, having an overall wellness plan, and feeling alone in understanding their health as a woman.”

Michele Broad, NP-C
Founder of Well Women Network

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I Need An

I don’t want to feel alone anymore

I’m Michele, a certified women’s health/adult nurse practitioner, a female business owner, blogger, podcaster and believer that any woman can be both successful in business and life if she has her health to support her.

I’m a tell it like it is kinda gal here online because I never really felt like I could be that when I had my own brick and mortar practice.

So, if you are a business woman who believes my philosophy that your health is your greatest business wealth asset, I invite you to join me on the journey to great health for great business success.

I’m here to serve you in that pursuit, with a lot of laughs, virtual hugs, and high fives along the way.

Well Women Healthy Lifestyle Podcast

Hosted by Certified Women’s Health/Adult Nurse Practitioner Michele Broad. The WWHLP brings a candid, fresh perspective for busy business women to stay up to date with regard to their health.

We are dedicated to bringing you the busy business woman health and lifestyle topics in an easy to understand format, so that you can level up your health to it’s maximum potential so that you can be the best in your business or career. With thought provoking women’s health topics and interesting interviews with other great women doing great things in the world, we are sure you will be inspired on your own personal health journey.

We believe that your health is your greatest business and life wealth asset so wear it wisely and listen to our most recent show or explore our archive.