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February not only kicks off heart health month, but it is also my birthday month, my anniversary month, and of course It has Valentine’s day-the day of amour.


The idea for this series was born when I polled my four 28-year-old daughters friends with this question, at a recent girl’s night in- not to worry all the girls at the small gathering already had COVID- so the question I asked them was “at what age did they think heart disease started?” most of them said it starts in women over 50 years and older. Then I asked them if they thought they needed to worry about their heart health and most of them said heart health is not something that they feel they have to be concerned with at this age.


Well, my young at heart women, I’m going to tell you just like I told them, that is just not the case. I went on to explain to them that changes in your blood vessels just don’t happen overnight. Just like with type 2 diabetes or other illnesses, the changes start gradually without warning and research is now showing us that heart health changes can start in your early 30’s.


So, listen in to part 1 of our healthy heart series because we explore what does having a healthy heart mean?

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