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The term “whole foods” is thrown around a lot these days. While most of us are aware that whole foods are the way to go as it pertains to health and wellness, the exact definition is somewhat obscured. A whole food is any food product that remains in its natural form, free of any artificial additives, preservatives, or other man made ingredients. Examples include organic fruits and vegetables.

The mainstream diet of today’s society has significantly strayed away from a whole foods approach. Many of the food products we consume are a far cry from their original form, loaded with harmful preservatives and added sweeteners. There is undoubtedly a correlation between this type of diet and the prevalence of many chronic health conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

In this podcast, we will discuss 5 reasons why a diet centered on whole foods is a vastly superior way of fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally.

We’ll explore the following benefits

  1. Full Nutritional Benefits
  2. Significantly less sugar
  3. More fiber, better gut health
  4. Reduce systemic inflammation
  5. Pay the grocery store, not your medical provider

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