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This episode is unscripted and comes from my heart. It’s about an issue that I am so passionate about and that is at the core of my mission and who I am as a women’s healthcare provider.

There are so many things out in the world today that divide us, not always by our own accord but ones that are driven at a much higher level.

Throughout world history disparity among people is what has caused Nations to fall.

This past 1 1/2 we as a body of people have seen much disparity and it has caused a huge cavern of divide that we may not recover from as a Nation of people.

First the election, then all racial issues, mixed in with a worldwide pandemic, to get vaccinated or not, to stay away from people who got vaccinated, and who knows what is next.

Women’s health as a pillar should stand alone and not have any agenda attached to it, what one woman sees as her self advocacy right is her right and that decision should be respected no matter even if it differs from our own.

If we don’t stand together to disrupt the archaic outdated notions that women’s health education now falls under then how are we ever going to foster better health care changes for the entire body called Women.

That’s what I am discussing in today’s show.

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