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While intermittent fasting is not new, its recent high-profile exposure and success stories can make it appear trendy and even faddish.

Simply, it is yet another healthy lifestyle approach that fell from favor under the pressure of modern living, with all its temptations and pressures.

More and more people are trying intermittent fasting as a means of improving their health. For most, this means the end goal is to lose weight, and intermittent fasting has proven itself successful to this end.

This is very valid reasoning because truthfully, far too many health conditions and diseases are caused and/or worsened because of excess body fat. For the majority, fewer pounds means better health, and intermittent fasting can help achieve it.

However, it is not as widely recognized that intermittent fasting can provide health benefits other than weight loss.

Health researchers are becoming increasingly aware that the modern western lifestyle impacts our bodies in many negative ways. On many levels, our bodies are overwhelmed and unable to clear the backlog of toxins and free radicals that build up within us.

Unfortunately, this is because our internal processes are constantly engaged in duties relating to digestion and elimination, leaving little space for replenishment and rejuvenation.

One method the body uses to achieve cellular renewal is autophagy. In today’s episode I am going to help you understand its vital importance, and how controlled intermittent fasting can trigger and sustain autophagy, for improved health, wellbeing and longevity.

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