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Today I get to sit behind the mic with my cup of coffee and do something that I absolutely love to do and that is answer your questions.

My team and I went to our question vault- ok it’s not really a vault per say but more like a google doc, where we put questions that our audience is asking; and grabbed a few that we felt a lot of you may also be wondering about.

Today our questions come from Ashley P, Susan K and Cathy S and here is a short synopsis of what they asked and listen to the podcast to hear my answers.

Cathy S asked “what are some healthy daily habits that healthy people do all the time?” 

Susan K asked “ I’ve plateaued in my fitness routine-help what can I do to get it going again?”

And lastly Ashley P asked “ I’ve been getting winded a lot easier these days since I stopped exercising as much last year…is this a sign that I need to get back to exercising more?

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Until next week blessings Michele

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