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“How do you make lasting change? One step at a time.” Or in today’s case one simple habit at a time.

And that is the same approach that I want you to take to becoming more active and healthier. You don’t begin exercising by running a marathon. You make small steps that begin to accumulate into a larger fitness practice. So today I’m bringing you 10 tips that are simple, actionable ways to impact your health and fitness in a positive manner, and most of them apply to just about anyone.

The world today for a lot of women has become so sedentary that exercise, let alone movement has become obsolete, and that has to change. 

Research shows us that prolonged sitting is worse for your health than smoking and whoever thought those words would come out of the WHO’s (World Health Organization) mouth.

These 10 simple activities are things that anyone one at any fitness level can do in some capacity.

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