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In 2013, Cassandra and her hubby Andrew eloped and used the money they’d been saving up for a wedding to start building their dream business: bringing amazing tasting, top-quality juices to their small community. She never imagined how large their community could grow! She’s always been passionate about eating with an emphasis on nutrition and wellness, and she loves inspiring people to lead a healthier, more invigorating life.

She believes that cold-pressed juice is only as good as its ingredients. That’s why being locally-sourced is their top priority. She has a personal relationship with all their farmers and an understanding of how the produce is planted, grown, and harvested. It’s her passion and respect for real food that helps us create the highest quality, best-tasting product.

Unlike other juice companies, they never use concentrates or water down the juices. There’s no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, or unhealthy preservatives.

What also warms my heart is that she also cares about her community and our planet. That’s why they donate a portion of all sales toward causes that help make the world a better, greener place.They also plant a tree for every order they sell to help offset our carbon emissions.

In today’s show you’ll hear how it all began for Cassandra. From her childhood experience of watching her mom cook that led to her passion for cooking healthy, to starting a health related company, the challenges of the early days being a female founder, the importance of juicing, starting a family, her idea of work life balance and her self-care routine.

We packed in a lot in this episode and it was a true blessing to have her on the show.

She also gave all the WWHLP listeners a coupon code to go get some juices. Go to www.littlewest.com and use coupon code: WWHLP15

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