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Ladies, tooth decay is considered to be a big public health concern, with at least 90% of children aged six and below experiencing some form of tooth decay.

Many adults aged between 35 and 44 have experienced a toothache related to dental decay, and by the time many adults have reached the age of 74, 51% have lost all their natural teeth.

With the advances in dental practices and techniques, why is it that experiencing poor dental hygiene, toothache from tooth decay and other oral diseases still persists?

The answer largely lies in the foods we eat. Nutrition and oral hygiene play an integral role in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Consuming the right kinds of foods and avoiding unhealthy habits can help preserve the condition of our teeth and that is what today’s episode is all about.

We discuss the following topics:

Dental Conditions Caused By Poor Diet

Food That Negatively Impact Your Oral Health

Healthy Foods For Healthy Teeth

Foods That Fight Infection

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