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As the year comes to a close and this being the last episode of the year, I wanted to share my deepest heartfelt gratitude for y’all this year. Thank you for listening and providing feedback and for helping the podcast to grow this year.

Today’s episode is a year end round up of all the best things that we talked about this year and what we will be looking at bringing to you in the New Year.

From Our family to yours the WWN team wishes you the Happiest of Holidays- See y’all in 2022

Episodes mentioned in today’s podcast: Not necessarily in order mentioned in the podcast

148: Ease the holiday stress with mindfulness

141: Blank pages to big changes: Everything you need to start journaling

140: 10 Sneaky ways to get more fruit and veggies into your day

132: 10 simple ways to make your lifestyle more active

119: Tips to refresh your spring self-care

116: Natural sleep solutions

109 How healthy habits boost your productivity

139: 4 Top benefits of mini habits

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