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I had heard Marcy talk several times before on different podcasts, but the last time I heard her talk she left me amening everything she was saying. I was out walking and I practically ran the rest of the way home and DM’d her on instagram asking if she would come and have a conversation with me on my podcast and to my utter delight she said, yes!.

Her utter conviction to helping women better their health through the use of CBD matches my own conviction to wanting to serve women with their health and wellness by teaching them how to be their #1 self-care advocates. I had never met her before but I felt like I had known her for years.

Marcy Capron-Vermillion is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Equilibria (“EQ”), a women’s CBD company focused on personalized routines for real outcomes. EQ features the only 1-on-1 dosage support service in the D2C CBD sector, based on a year of R&D and 2 years of member routine data. Alongside her co-founder Coco Meers, Marcy has helped EQ grow 11x in 2020 with a focus on innovation, digital experience, and the amazing stories of their hundreds of thousands of members.

Prior to EQ, Marcy graduated from Northwestern University and founded Polymathic, an innovation consultancy sold to Devmynd/Tandem in 2017.

It is my sincerest hope that you love this conversation as much as I did and that you learn a bit more about CBD and want to give it a try.

If you do use WWN15 at checkout for 15% off https://myeq.com/

You can connect with Marcy on https://www.instagram.com/marcymarcy/

Send me a DM on the gram @wellwomennetwork

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