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We do this by teaching women how to be their #1 self-care advocate through providing                                         and
Content for women, so that they can feel empowered and informed when making health decisions for their own bodies.


We help women accomplish overall health & wellness for their bodies and themselves through
the status quo of women’s health. 

How? Let's dive in.

we're here to sort out the misinformation you hear about women's health.

about our membership

Here at Well Women Network we strive to bring you the information and advice you need for your mental, physical and emotional well-being all in one convenient place.

That's where we come in

As a busy woman you juggle a lot of things at once and you probably don’t have time to seek out information or advice you need for your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

about our membership

the right place

If you’re looking to uplevel your health & wellness game, then you have come to

In order to help you sort out the details, and the misinformation that you may read online





of wellness for the modern woman

we teach you the 3 "S's"




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Left feeling CONFUSED by health misinformation

Feeling LOST at where to begin

Being UNHAPPY with self-care

Health is on the back-burner

Feel ALONE in health struggle

Tired of feeling UNHEARD from health professionals

There’s not enough time to focus on my health

Feeling STUCK in a cookie cutter health plan

What’s been holding you back from prioritizing your health? 

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Become EMPOWERED to make your own health decisions

Be PROACTIVE with your present and future health, so you can be there for your loved ones as long as possible

Feel CONFIDENT in getting accurate health information

Prioritize your health

Feel VIBRANT in your health

Be HEARD by a health professional

Feel RENEWED with a health plan-of-action

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You’re ONE step closer to feeling RENEWED and VIBRANT IN YOUR HEALTH

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(and our founder)

And the reason above is exactly why, as a Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, with over 25 years under my stethoscope, I created the Well Women Network. Think of it as your private practice without having to leave your home or office, there for you anytime you need to understand about your health more or get some accountability.

In this community, I use my years of professional experience to do the research and sifting for you. I then apply my skills as both a teacher and a thought leader to foster community, and provide women with the support they need to achieve real results.

Understanding your body as a woman shouldn’t require you having a medical degree.

& women's wellness coach

I'm Michele, Your New Girlfriend

Smoothie obsessed, tea drinker, researchaholic, dog lover, daily walker.

then the FOUNDER of Well Women Network herself,

...And who better to help pave the way

-Joanne funch

“Michele’s Well Women Network membership is a great way to gain medical information from a skilled health practitioner. I joined because I have known Michele for many years as my health care practitioner and I trust her experience...”

“Michele’s Well Women Network membership is a great way to gain medical information from a skilled health practitioner.”

-rama johnson

I joined Michele’s Well Women Network membership to surround myself with like minded women that make their health a priority! After joining this group, you won’t find another woman that cares more about you and your health. Michele is a professional educated nurse practitioner helping women through her podcasts, weekly newsletter, fitness routines and clean nutrition.

“After joining this group, you won't find another woman that cares more about you and your health.”

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We love surprising our members with additional fun and prizes along their wellness journey!

fun & prizes!

Most of our members have been apart of our membership for 2+ years because of the invaluable community of women

private membership commnunity

BONUS: You can even ask them questions during a live Q&A.

We have women’s health & wellness experts join us from all over sharing all their top tips for women’s health!

special guest experts

We have exercises planned out each month, so you can feel confident in your movements helping you on your wellness journey!

monthly exercise guide

Fueling your body is just as important as continual exercise. We’ve got meals planned out to help you on your wellness journey!

monthly meal plans

PLUS: (all modules come in 3 different formats: audio, video, and reading)

We teach you important aspects of your health and wellness as it pertains to being a woman.

monthly wellness modules

Once inside the Well Women Network Membership, you'll get...

We have episodes bi-weekly on all things women’s health. Tune in via spotify or apple!

WWN podcast

Find articles all about women's health and some helpful health tips!

the WWN Blog

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Discover How to avoid foods that are wreaking havoc on your body and causing you unwanted symptoms, save time and prepare healthy meals even if you are busy and work 9-5...and more!

Discover How To Eat Clean So That You Can Feel Amazing In No Time At All!

5 Clean Eating Hacks For The Busy Working Woman

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I look forward to being a part of this incredible, life-changing journey to better health and wellness.

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