#105 Looking Back and Looking Forward: 6 Ways To Have A Healthy New Year

2020 has been a crazy, turbulent year for everyone, but despite all the setbacks, pivots, mindset shifts that we all have to try to navigate, I wanted to encourage you to look back and find the good moments and reflect on your gratitude. I’m sharing a few of my own in hopes to spark you to do the same.

And whilst looking back is a good thing, I wanted to share with you 6 ways to look forward to plan for an even healthier New Year in 2021.

Some of them include taking a new approach to looking at and planning your 2021 health goals

Consider what went wrong in order to move forward

Making a list of all the things you want to change

Focusing on small lifestyle changes for small wins

Increasing your movement and activity

And lastly finding balance in your  nutrition rather than taking an all or nothing approach

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Episode 105 – Looking Back and Looking Forward: 6 Ways To Have A Healthy New Year