I know that if you are part of our Well Women tribe then you seek to improve not only your live, but the lives of others as well. While the concept of Self-Care is becoming more commonplace these days, it is still sometimes a struggle for most of us to create this mindset as a way of being rather than returning to old habits of always putting everyone else’s needs first. 

Old habits and patterns are sometimes hard to break even for the best of us. We may wish them away and want to do better and be more, but without practical tips and advice along with the creation of new habits, we can remain stuck in the same old place.

Self-Care is about YOU becoming a better version of yourself so that you can do all those other things that others need you to do. It’s about not letting You get lost and put on the back burner, as I find is the case with a lot of women and many of my current patients. So, I’ve been pondering and writing down simple self-care tips over the past month that I think every woman should do for themselves.

These are not an absolute but I thought they provided a good starting point from which to start. 

In This Episode we will discuss:


* How to create a Self-care routine

* How to schedule and make your self-care a priority

* And finally how to implement self-care into your daily life.

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