With all that you do everyday ladies it is so important that you are getting the adequate intake of the right vitamins.

In today’s episode we are going to be exploring the plethora of roles that vitamins have on good health and development and why you can’t live without them, what are vitamins, what are the different types of vitamins, the role they play in our bodies, what are vitamin deficiencies, who are at risk for nutritional deficiencies and what are some of the common symptoms of a vitamin deficiency.

In This Episode we will discuss:

  • Why adequate Vitamin Intake is so important
  • How are vitamins characterized
  • The 2 different categories of vitamins:
    Water Soluble
    Fat Soluble
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Who are at risk for deficiencies
  • Most Common symptoms of vitamin deficiencies
 We’d love to continue the health conversation with you over in our


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PODCAST # 12 The importance of Adequate Vitamin Intake