#92 Healthy Lifestyle

So, y’all may have noticed that I haven’t released a podcast episode in several months. In today’s episode I explain why and I thank you for your grace and space during this crazy time.

To re-kick things back off I wanted to go back to the basics and re-establish some foundational pieces for an overall healthy lifestyle and talk to y’all about some changes that you must do to re-engage if you fell off the wagon during these crazy, unprecedented times.

First, I start with how do we change our morning habits to foster less stress.
Secondly, since we are moving into summer and so many of you want to look good weight wise I talk about changes for healthy weight loss.
Thirdly, since most of the women I’ve talked seem to lack motivation I discuss how to stay motivated to want to maintain your health.
And lastly since this is mental health awareness month I dish on healthy lifestyle changes for better mental health.

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Episode 92 – Healthy Lifestyle