It’s almost as if a lot of use are hardwired to saying yes to absolutely everything and everyone that it has become a habit and a bad one at that. 

Ask yourself how you’re meant to look after everyone else’s needs effectively when you can barely attend to your own? When you continue filling your cup, it can then overflow onto those around you, but if your cup is empty….well, all you get is burnout.

It’s time ladies to start putting yourself first and practicing self-care, which is simply honoring your body, mind, and spirit. It’s time to may yourself a priority.

In This Episode we will be discussing 6 Key ways to Put Yourself First


* Listen to yourself

* Take action

* Prioritize yourslef

* Start to say no

* Fuel your soul

* Ditch your pride

 We’d love to continue the health conversation with you over in our

PODCAST#2 6 Key Ways to Put Yourself First