Today I had the distinct please of interview Laura Walsh, Arizona native, Nashville recording artist and pop/country singer/songwriter. I first got introduced to Laura on another podcast that I was listening to and just resonated with her and her story. I looked her up on instagram and started following her and then I found her on ITUNES and feel in love with her beautiful voice and touching songs.

In This Episode Discuss

  • Her recent move to Nashville and what that looks and feels like.
  • What’s a typical day in the life of Laura Walsh.
  • How she comes up with the lyrics of her songs.
  • How her spiritualness has helped keep her grounded and has helped guide her in becoming a singer/songwriter.
  • What she is currently doing and working on.
  • I ask her about how she wrote my favorite song-Don’t let go.
  • And we end on her talking about her self-care routine and her advice to others as they aspire to live their dreams.

She can be found @laurawalshmusic on Instagram and Laura Walsh on ITUNES.

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Interview with Laura Walsh