Self-care should be a year around thing that we as business practice but changing it up in the fall has many benefits and in today’s episode I am taking a deep dive with you into those reasons.
I’m talking with you on why Enjoying Nature in all its Fall glory is good for your self-care.
Why expressing gratitude all season long is good for you mental health.
How have a cozy night in is just what the Nurse practitioner ordered.
Why making a fall bucket list has health benefits.
Why nurturing friendship during this time is so important to our health and well-being.
Why having a new fall morning routine is a great switch up for your health.
How to switch up your fall beauty routine for better skin.
How to take care of your health this holiday season.
And finally we end on why self-care should change with the seasons.

Links for products mention in episode: 

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Savor 90 planner

Vegan facial oil cleanser

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Fall Holiday Self-Care