In today’s episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Sugar Addiction and Empowerment Coach Jenn Eden and we dove into some great questions and had a great discussion on:

Her personal journey with sugar addiction and how she got from there to where she is today empowering people to kick the sugar habit.

We explored the connection between sugar and mood and is there a big one.

She then got into what is the connection between sugar and inflammation and this only further supports what you heard from Jenny Carr.

I then asked her about a TV segment that I saw her do about acne and sugar and you’ll want to hear her interesting approach to that one.

I know why it’s so important to stabilize your blood sugar but I wanted ya’ll to hear it from a different perspective so we spoke on this for a bit.

Food labels can be confusing for even the best of us so Jenn discussed her 5 tips to stop being fooled by food labels.

Lastly, we ended with her telling me about her book Woman Unleashed.

To grab a complimentary copy of Jenn’s book and learn how to kick cravings in under 7 days

download it here 

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Interview Jenn Edden-How to break your sugar habit for better health