In today’s episode I am starting a series on happiness. The whole idea of happiness has garnered so much press in the past several years. The study of happiness has been the topic of many books over the years and still the idea can have an allusive air about it. 
I am basically a happy person and I guess I come across that way to many people because I am asked a lot how I am so happy and how do I stay so happy. I see so many of my patients who are not happy and I often wonder what makes one person happy and the next not so much so. 
Y’all know I love me my science so I had to start doing some digging on the science of happiness and that’s what led me to this series.
In today’s show we kick off with exactly that-the science of happiness and then in next weeks show we will continue the discussion on how true happiness is gained.
Until then be happy my friends 🙂

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The Science Of Happiness