If I had a dollar for every time I get asked this question: If I’m healthy, Michele, why do I need to go see a medical provider? I’d be a millionaire by now or at least close to it.
For me, as a medical provider, that’s a loaded question and one that I painstakingly always take the time to answer with joy.
Since I get asked it so much I thought that I would dedicate a whole episode to it and share with you my feelings on the subject.
If you disagree don’t go throwing shade at me but come have a discussion with me over on either instagram or in my private facebook group: Well Women Network 360. I’m always open for a good discussion.
First I start off with why you should even if you are healthy.
Then I explore 3 reasons you should see your medical provider yearly
Then I move into the risks you take when you don’t
And then I end with seeing the right medical provider for the right reason
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Should You See Your Medical Provider If You Are Healthy?