In today’s episode I’m veering towards our emotional health and talking about mindset shifts that we need to make as we move into the new decade.   Stories are powerful and we are told to use them in all facets of our business marketing material, but what’s even more powerful are the stories that we’ve told ourselves, or that others have told us about us that we hold close to the vest that are not serving us anymore.   Most of these stories are not even factual or they have been fabricated and skewed to the interpreters point of view, yet we believe them to be true.   As we move into this new decade it is important that we all re-evaluate these stories that are not serving us and write a new narrative.   Today, I’m being totally raw with you and telling you mine in hopes that it gives you permission to share yours with me or with someone to get them out of you and put them to bed forever.  
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Mindset Shift Changes For 2020