Ladies, when does normal tiredness cross the line into fatigue, the kind of exhaustion that possibly needs to be addressed by a medical provider?

We’ve all been tired at some point, right? For some of you it may even seem like a daily thing and just part of life, but in actuality being tired is your body’s way of telling you that it needs to recharge.

Sometimes though, the tiredness seems to stick around and no amount of rest can make it go away. This is when words like “fatigue” and “exhaustion” come into play, and a simple, everyday consequence of living becomes a crippling problem. So, in today’s episode we are going to dive into the topic of Fatigue and find out.

In This Episode we will discuss:

  • What is the definition of fatigue
  • How we may contribute to our own fatigue
  • Habits we can change to help fight off fatigue
  • Medical issue that cause fatigue
  • And finally medications, fatigue and a wrap up
We’d love to continue the health conversation with you over in our


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What’s Fatigue Got To Do With It