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Face Forward Into Aging

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Time doesn’t stand still for any of us. Though some people do age more gracefully than others, eventually the passing of time shows itself on everyone. It shows up on our faces and skin and we definitely feel the passing of time inside our bodies.

Growing older is one thing but Looking and feeling it is another. We can opt out of looking and feeling older if we have the right tools and the proper mindset. If you thought you had to accept aging, then you’re wrong and here’s why.

You can fight back with anti-aging solutions with a regimen that includes supplements rather than surgery. Some supplements are made for the outside of your body. There are creams, lotions, and liquids that you can use to help smooth away wrinkles, tighten skin and plump up whatever lines that you may develop.

You can apply these vitamin rich products and watch as damage to your skin is reversed, more collagen is produced and your reflection shows a younger you, but also know that what goes on inside your body always leaves evidence outside your body as well.

That’s why what you put into your body is so important. You need foods that are high in vitamins and minerals – foods that will fight the aging process. But sometimes, healthy eating alone just isn’t strong enough to back track the aging process.

That’s where anti-aging supplements can step in and pick up the slack. Anti-aging supplements go to work inside fighting some of the side effects of getting older.

You also might notice as you age that your ‘get up and go’ isn’t the same and you find it easier on your body to avoid strenuous activity. Anti-aging supplements can also help to restore your energy and help you have more strength to continue to do what you enjoy doing. These supplements can also improve your mental capabilities and who doesn’t want more of that!

For example, did you know that a vitamin deficiency can be linked to forgetfulness? Not having enough vitamin B-12 can affect how you think. Anti-aging supplements can help with that forgetfulness.

Collagen supplements can also help give strength to your bones, hair, nails, and ease joint pain at the same time. Hyaluronic Acid is another good supplement as it helps the skin to maintain its moisture and elasticity. Vitamin C is powerful in helping with wrinkle prevention as it aids in decreasing cellular damage. A lot of anti-aging supplements help to fight inflammation, which causes cellular oxidation and this in turn increases wrinkle production. Many of them are loaded with multiple vitamins and contain Omega 3, which is also good for your heart.

You’ll also see that many have Coenzyme Q10, which helps with heart health and stimulates cell energy.  Coenzyme Q10 has been shown in several studies to help reduce cell and DNA damage done by UVA exposure from the effects of sun exposure.

When looking for anti-aging supplements look for supplements that are whole food based and are rich in antioxidants.

I recommend and take Juice Plus+ and the reason is because Juice Plus+ has been clinically researched and shown to improve skin hydration, skin thickness and circulation in skin capillaries.

If you’d like more information on what I take and what juice plus+ is check it out here:

My anti-aging Supplement

Besides taking a great anti-aging supplement try to avoid prolonged sun exposure and when you do venture out in the summer months wear a healthy sunscreen that is free of these*


Octinoxate/EthylHexyl Methoxycinnamate




Steer towards products* that only have Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide

My top pick is Goddess Garden Organics made in Colorado www.goddessgarden.com

*From the EMG Skin Deep Ratings