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Well Women Network was started out of a sheer desire to bring my over 30 years of practicing women’s health from an in-office approach to a global online network approach.

I saw daily deficits in my in-office practice in the area of women understanding their bodies and knowing how to advocate for better health for themselves.


Believe it or not this is website #5 in a span of 10 years. I can’t really sit here and tell you what went wrong with the other 4 designs.

Maybe it was a miscommunication on my part to the designer or maybe as I grew the brand needed to grow and those old sites just didn’t reflect our new growth.

Anyway, I was never happy with the designs and just stuck with each one until a new person came along and told me that they could make it better.


I finally got to a point where I was so unhappy with the site and the brand message that it didn’t represent that I hated sending people there and cringed when people did go there.


You know when you know and  I knew I needed to change everything about the website and redo the brand message from the ground up.


Over the past several months, we have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring everything together. Working with my dream designer, Kailynn Hollinger, of Kailynn Summer Design, my website dream was finally achieved.

To say she was phenomenal would be an understatement and she will now be a part of the Well Women Network branding team moving forward in all our future designs.


Our Brands Personality:



Approachable: We are open to your problems, and we want you to feel like we are a familiar friend who you can talk to about anything, even the uncomfortable health issues.

Honest: We don’t beat around the bush when it comes to women’s health issues and sharing facts with you. We are straightforward and tell it like it is.

Knowledgeable: We seek to bring you up-to-date information to keep you informed and aware of what’s going on in the world of women’s health and wellness.

Disruption: We are not afraid to be counter-cultural when it comes to the greater good of women’s health and share that truth with you.

We do this to empower women to take better care of themselves.


Which Brings Me To…

Drum Roll Please…. The New Well Women Network


How we brought our words into our font and lettering:




What Makes Well Women Network Different From Other Women’s Wellness Sites?

The answer to that question is YOU From the first day of our discussion on the new rebrand YOU were at the top of our minds and in our hearts.

We asked questions like: How do we want you to feel when you come to our brand, How can we serve you better, What’s missing in the market place in terms of women’s health education that you need in order for you to be your #1 self-care advocate, How can we make you feel empowered in your health, and most of all How can we honor you in your wellness journey?

You see there wouldn’t be an US without YOU, so you are at the forefront of our every thought and every product and all the content we bring.

When you think of a place to go to learn about your health as it pertains to you being a woman, we want you to trust and turn to us.

The other thing that makes us different is that not only am I a woman myself, but I am also a certified women’s health/adult nurse practitioner with over 30 years of medical practice under her stethoscope.

I have had the honor to work with and change the health lives of 1000’s of women over the course of my career and nothing would please me more than to do the same for you!

I’m also a daughter, a wife, a mom, and a nanna of 2.


Well Women Brand Values:



Trustworthy– we want to be open and transparent with you and earn your trust in all the things we bring you.

Impactful– We want all the content and programs we bring you to help you optimize your health and wellness so that you can go out and impact your world and be all that you can be.

Authentic: We will never lie to you or try to be something that we are not. We will never be about money first. You will always held in high regard.

Renewed– We want to bring you new ways to look and approach your health and wellness as it pertains to you being a woman. We see individuality as a top priority.

Connection– This word holds great depth for me as one of my love languages is connection and community. We want you to feel at home on our site. We want to connect with you and know what you need from us so that we can bring it to you. One of my gifts is servitude and we are here to serve you on your wellness journey.


Our Color Palette

Our color mood board was inspired by soft textures and organic shapes. Muted pops of color that give a welcoming vibe paired with neutral tones providing stability. The use of shapes and colors give off an approachable space and the familiar feeling of gathering with warm souls, up for collaboration and connection. It is playful, while transformative.


Our Mission Statement




Moving Forward

Our new Well Women Network branding and website reflects all of this and the heart behind Well Women Network, serving to empower busy working women and helping them become their #1 self-care advocate, so that they can do all and be all that they were meant to do in this world.

We look forward to helping YOU and many women be informed and confident in making health decisions that will move them in a positive direction on their wellness journey.

With that in mind we created a well women monthly membership where women can have the space to learn about their health in a non-scary, non-medical school way.

It is comprised of a monthly women’s health topic that is delivered in the form of video, audio, and visual- to meet each woman’s different learning styles.

If you would like to learn more check it out here: membership


We also have a more intimate 1:1 program If you would like to have your wellness journey personalized for you and you can check that out 1:1


If you would like to test the waters first, we have some great free options for you:

Our weekly podcast Well Women Healthy Lifestyle

And our free facebook group Well Women 360

I feel so blessed to share this incredible journey with you and bring you many more fun surprises along the way.





Announcing The WWN Brand


April 3, 2022

  1. JoAnne Funch says:

    Congratulations Michele, what a beautiful website. I’m so thrilled you are continuing to help women with their health – I know how lucky I am to have an advocate and educator like you to talk to. Wishing you continued success!

  2. Mickey says:

    I am thrilled & excited for You. Your love and desire to help & nurture women has been so obvious from the very first day that I met You 19 years ago. I look forward to a bright and healthy future and You are one of the key people I have to thank for making that possible. Michelle You truly have the Caring heart, Knowledge, Wisdom and Talent which You have poured into Women. I feel privileged to be part of Well Women.

  3. Sunni Almond says:

    Michele💜☀️🌺🥰, I LOVE this new site, and how you actually walked us through your thought process and the evolution that got you here. Congratulations on really making it YOUR vision💜

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