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The Well Women Healthy Lifestyle Podcast is a weekly show produced by Well Women Network and hosted by a Certified Nurse Practitioner , Michele Broad.




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Episode 61: What is Candida Overgrowth?

Date: June 19, 2019

Today’s episode is in response to a listener’s question asking about what is Candida Overgrowth and what can I do about it.

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Episode 60: How A Hectic Lifestyle Damages Your Health

Date: June 13, 2019

As a busy business woman myself, I know first hand how hard it can be to keep our health front and center and thrive in it rather than just survive in it. In today’s episode I am given you practical tips on how to stop just surviving in it but thrive in it and then I discuss with y’all how a hectic lifestyle can damage your health and then to end on a happy healthier note I’m giving you 5 ways mindfulness improves not only your health but your business or career as well.

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Episode 59: 7 Key food/Nutrients That Can Help Prevent Depression

Date: June 05, 2019

Last week one of the BIG health organizations came out with a new diagnosis for a BIG health concern that we are seeing a huge rise in today and it is with that release that this episode is being aired on today.

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Episode 58: How to Have Better Brain Health With Today’s Top Tips

Date: June 04, 2019

So often when we talk about living a healthy lifestyle, all the focus is on the outer parts of our body and very little is mentioned when it comes to talking about what to keep our brain healthy.

You may think that brain health is only for the elderly and you would be wrong, listen to today’s episode and you will be surprised to find just how young our brains start to decline.

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Episode 57: The Benefits Of Collagen For Your Health

Date: May 17, 2019

If there was ever a hot topic it has to be around collagen. You know that thing called “bone broth” that everyone is raving about from Dr. Axe to Dr. Oz.

So, what’s all the hype? First, what is it and secondly what can it do for you-
Well, hang tight my friends because that is what I am going to be talking about in today’s show.

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