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The Well Women Healthy Lifestyle Podcast is a weekly show produced by Well Women Network and hosted by a Certified Nurse Practitioner , Michele Broad.




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Episode 56: Simple Ways to Flatten Your Stomach

Date: May 11, 2019

Ladies, want to truly get a flat stomach? Today I’m talking to you about simple steps to follow that will make it work for you – we all know that carrying excess abdominal fat can make us look unattractive and also feel uncomfortable, but it is also the cursor to bad health, and low self-esteem for some women. I get asked by so many of my clients how can I get rid of my stomach that I decided to do a whole podcast episode devoted to it.

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Episode 55: Healthy habits of Happy People That Lead to Overall Health

Date: May 01, 2019

Today ends our 3 part series on Happiness and health. In today’s show we dive into the habits of happy people and explore the 9 habits that allow them to create happiness.

Then I dive right into the benefits of joy and happiness for health and we end with the two most important things that you need to develop in order to boost your level of happiness and joy.

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Episode 54: How Is True Happiness Gained?

Date: April 21, 2019

How Is True Happiness Gained?

Today we are continuing the discussion on happiness and health and we are diving into how do we find true happiness.

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Episode 53: The Science Of Happiness

Date: April 11, 2019

In today’s episode I am starting a series on happiness. The whole idea of happiness has garnered so much press in the past several years. The study of happiness has been the topic of many books over the years and still the idea can have an allusive air about it.

I am basically a happy person and I guess I come across that way to many people because I am asked a lot how I am so happy and how do I stay so happy. I see so many of my patients who are not happy and I often wonder what makes one person happy and the next not so much so.

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Episode 52: 9 key aspects of your health that you can control

Date: April 04, 2019

I posed this question on my social media channels: As a busy business woman what is your #1 obstacle to your self-care? I received so many responses that I would dedicate an episode in response to the responses and also give you 9 key areas of your health that you can control.

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